Welcome to the

Kollman Lab

Welcome to the

Kollman Lab

Structural studies of intracellular organization

We are examining the structures of the complex macromolecular machinery of cellular organization, with a focus on bacterial cytoskeletal systems and organelles.  Our structural approach centers on cryo-electron microscopy, which we combine with X-ray crystallography.  This integrative approach allows us to generate mechanistic insights over a broad range of size and resolution scales.

Most recent publications:

In the free form the adaptor protein AlfB disrupts AlfA filament assembly and bundling, but the AlfB-DNA complex promotes filament assembly and tracks the end of growing filaments


Polka JK, Kollman JM, Mullins RD (2014)  Accessory factors promote AlfA-dependent plasmid segregation by regulating filament nucleation, disassembly, and bundling [PMID24481252] [pdf]

A review of bacterial actins, focusing on their stuctural and functional diveristy.

Ozyamak, E, Kollman JM, Komeili A (2013)  Bacterial actins ans their diverisity.  Biochemistry 52, 6928-6939.  [PMID24015924]  [pdf]

Biochemical and structural description of MamK, a unique bacterial actin required for magentosome organization, done with our collaborator Arash Komeili and his postdoc Ertan Ozyamak.

Ozyamak, E, Kollman JM, Agard DA, Komeili A (2013)  The bacterial actin MamK: in vitro assembly behavior and filament architectures.  J. Biol. Chem. 288, 4265-4277.  [PMID23204522]  [pdf]


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